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My Name Is Matthew And I Am Here To Help You Get A Website That Drives Real Business Growth

Hi, my name is Matthew, and I grew up right here in the Catskills / Southern Tier region of New York. I am a freelance website designer who has spent the last 12 years working as the online marketing manager and principal web designer for a large national solar energy company. I recently struck out on my own and now I work with small businesses and organizations to bring my decade plus of experience to help them develop a website that looks great, draws in visitors, and converts them into customers.

I call myself “an experienced newbie” because that is exactly what I am. I have more than a decade of experience in website design, development, and maintenance. However, almost all of that experience is in the corporate world…for one company…with tons of websites with massive amounts of traffic in markets across the country and around the world. However, I recently took the leap and left that job and struck out on my own.

My goal is to bring my decade plus of experience and knowledge to smaller businesses and organizations who need to improve and increase their online visibility, customer engagement, and growth.

I also work with IT / Computer Repair companies, Advertising Agencies, and other web design shops to provide white label web design work.

Big Time Websites, Small Town Trust

I come from the kind of small town where business can still be done with a handshake. I bring more than a decade of experience building websites for national and international markets that generate thousands of visitors a day to each and every small business and organization that I work with. I want us to look at each other as valued partners – not just as designer and client…that is the kind of trust I strive to build with every client.

Why Work With Me

What Makes Me The Best Choice To Help You With Your Online Presence?

12 Years of Experience

I have been designing, building, and maintaining websites with WordPress for more than a decade (12 years) and strive to bring my experience and knowledge to each client that I work with to create a website that allows them to effectively speak to their customers and potential clients.

I Know Where You're Coming From

Upstate New York is a unique place, and running a small business here has unique challenges and opportunities. I am local to this area – I grew up Sidney, NY and still live there to this day. I understand the challenges that small business owners have in this area, what are the best ways to connect and communicate with the market here and that your website is just an extension of your personal outreach and word-of-mouth referrals.

Passion For What I Do

I absolutely love to design and build websites. Helping someone reach out to their market with a powerful online presence is what keeps me going every day. Nothing is a better start to the day than a message from a customer telling me that they got new business through the website that I built them (except maybe coffee).

I'm Good At What I Do

For the last 12 years I was “the web guy” or “computer guy” for a local business that branched out to a national and international market. I honed my skills designing, building, and managing websites that got thousands of visitors a day – I want to bring that same level of skill and experience to your website to help you more effectively reach your market…no matter how big or small that is.

You’ll get a big-time website, a small town feel, and be able to talk to a real person who lives, works, and runs their own small business right here in upstate New York!

The Nitty-Gritty

A Quick Overview Of My Experience, Skills, And The Tools That I Use

Years of Experience

Sites Built

  • WordPress 90% 90%
  • Divi Theme 95% 95%
  • HTML 90% 90%
  • CSS 95% 95%
  • PHP 80% 80%

Big Time Websites, Small Town Trust

Custom Website Design & SEO For Small Businesses In NY

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