Free Website Audit

How Can You Make Your Website Rank Better In Google, And Convert More Visitors Into Leads…Fast!

Is Your Website A Strong Member Of Your Team?

Let’s take a few minutes and find out. You are on this page because you obviously understand that your website is a critical element to the success of your business today – we don’t need to spend time going over that.

What you want to know is…

“Is my website doing everything it
could to help my company grow?”

That’s where a website audit comes in. Let’s take a look at the nuts and bolts of your website and see exactly what are its strengths and weaknesses. What is working great, and what can be improved.

In my free web audit, I look at a variety of key factors that affect how well your website:


is optimized to rank in Google – including everything from the use of https (SSL) security to proper title tags and meta descriptions on each page (and much more)


is fast and mobile friendly so that all potential customers (no matter what device they are using) can access your website, get the information they need, and get in touch with you to purchase your products or services


is optimized to get those visitors you are getting to take action and become a hot, ready-to-buy lead

Exactly What You’ll Get

Within Just A Couple Days You Will Have A Basic-Level SEO Action Plan To Start On

Full Website SEO Report

A complete report going over the critical design & SEO elements on your website including Mobile Friendly design, load speed, page titles, page meta descriptions, and more.

Personalized Video

A personal video just for you where I will personally walk you through the audit, and it’s results, as well as the recommended action items, and how you can implement them.

Action Items

An outlined list of recommended action items that you can take to boost your site’s performance immediately. You can simply give this list to your in-house web team or your preferred web designer / developer (you are in no way required to use me to fix any of these issues).

How To Get Your Free Website Audit Today!


1. Fill out the request form below

2. I will conduct your audit and send you the results within about 1 week (or less)

3. Read the report and watch the personal explanation when you get it in your email

4. Talk to your internal web team, or a web designer / developer of your choice, and have them start fixing the issues (from most critical to least)