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The Reality Is That No Matter What Type Of Paid Ads Come Along Or What Social Networks Pop Up (And Fade Away) – A Solid SEO & Content Strategy Is The Key To The Kingdom Here In Binghamton NY

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help Small Businesses In Binghamton NY?

Search Engine Optimization Binghamton NY | SEO Expert Binghamton NY


Of all searches done in Google have "local intent" - such as "massage therapist binghamton ny" - these searches have incredibly high conversion rates and can be targeted with a solid local SEO strategy


Of all online purchases and experiences begin with a search engine like Google or Bing


Of all searchers never scroll passed the first (1st) page of search results - and more than half only click a result in the top three (3)


Of all of the links clicked on a search engine results page are organic links (regular results) - not the paid ad links

What Are The Benefits Of Good SEO?

My Clients Are Getting More Visibility, More Website Traffic, And Better Leads That Convert More Often

Search Visibility

Jumping your search rankings to the first page of Google (and to the top 3 spots on page 1) dramatically increases the number of eyeballs your business receives every day

Organic Traffic

Targeted traffic through organic search is some of the best converting traffic you can have because when your SEO targets proper keywords everyone who sees you is a warm lead

Higher Conversions

All of this leads to better conversions through your website leads (or direct sales) because of the increased number of warm prospects who discover your products or services online

Real World Case Studies & SEO Results

My Clients Are Getting More Visibility, More Website Traffic, And Better Leads That Convert More Often

The SEO Process | SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization in the Binghamton NY marketplace is not magic – it is a science with clearly defined processes and steps that make success as guaranteed as possible.

1. Research & Plan

Your comprehensive SEO plan is built specifically for you based on your business, your service area, your competition, and your outlined business goals.

2. Build & Implement

The action really begins by making any needed updates to your existing website structure and content – then we can move on to new content, new backlinks, and more.

3. Monitor & Review

As time goes on, we will take a look at the changes that have been made and the work done – and see what results are being generated so that we can change if needed.

4. Report Results

Every month you will get a report showing the traffic (increases hopefully) to your website as well some ranking reports for the keywords that we are targeting.

A Few Search Engine Optimization Results In The Binghamton NY Area

Check out some great search engine optimization results that Binghamton area businesses like yours are enjoying today

Search Engine Optimization Expectations

You can clearly see the impact of SEO on website traffic – comparing the most recent 6 months of 2020 vs 2019, organic traffic (search engine traffic) is up over 200% – SEO will NEVER deliver instant results – but, over time website traffic (and therefore business) will grow

Binghamton SEO | Search Engine Optimization Expectations

Your SEO Expert in Binghamton NY

I have been doing website design and search engine optimization for more than 13 years – delivering extremely profitable new website traffic and customers to businesses in a variety of markets – in fact, you might have found me through some of the SEO work that I have done for my business

Frequently Asked SEO Questions & Answers

There are a lot of myths, complaints, and outlandish claims all across the internet regarding search engine optimization – the reality (like so often) is somewhere in the middle – if done correctly, SEO is not magic, but a powerful tool in your online marketing strategy that delivers long-term results

What is SEO and how it works for small businesses?

SEO (or search engine optimization) is nothing more than the process of setting up your website and its content in a way that make it more likely to found as a useful resource by Google (and other search engines) so that they will offer your website as a resource to potential customers who are explicitly searching for the products or services that you offer.

Does SEO work for small business?

The simple answer is YES! Done correctly, and given the time for Google to catch up with your work, SEO can easily help a small business directly target the search phrases that their potential customers are actually asking Google directly through the search box. A website that follows the proper SEO best practices is one of the most effective online marketing investments that a small local business can make to increase their sales.

Is SEO worth it for a small business?

If you are looking for long-term (long-lasting) results that deliver a real increase in business, and higher website visitor to sales conversions, the SEO is one of the smartest investments that you can make for your business. However, if you are looking for immediate results, but are not as long-lasting, then SEO is probably not the right choice for your marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of SEO to a small local business?

The benefits of SEO are pretty simple to outline – and incredibly powerful for any small business:

  •  Your website appears higher in Google (and other search engines) when someone specifically searches for your products or services
  • More high-converting traffic visiting your website every day / week / month
  • Long-lasting results – SEO work done today will continue to benefit your website months (even years) down the road so that your marketing dollars have a larger return on your investment

How long does it take for SEO to work?

If you are targeting relatively easy (low-competition keywords) your SEO efforts can have results within just 1 – 2 months. However, most keywords with competition will take 6+ months to start showing real results.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO on a monthly basis can vary due to a number of factors. Typically, the costs can run between $500 – $7000 / month based on how competitive your market is, how many hours you want to have spent on your SEO each month, and the results that you expect.

Alicia Hurlbut, LMT

Owner, 607HomeMassage

The website is absolutely amazing! It looks great. It loads really fast on my cell phone. We are just starting to do ongoing SEO each month now to generate even more new clients! I can’t say enough good things about the experience.

Some Real-World SEO Results

Increases In Traffic, Search Traffic, And Search Click-Rate For 607HomeMassage’s Website With Monthly SEO


Increase in total visitors to Alicia's new website


Increase in first-time visitors to Alicia's new website


Increase in organic traffic to Alicia's new website


Increase in percent of searchers clicking a search result

What Is The Investment Cost Of Professional SEO In Binghamton NY?

Binghamton NY And The Southern Tier Is A Great Market To Target With A Solid Website Search Engine Optimization Strategy Because Of Great Local Search Volume And Competition That Can Be Beaten


Local SEO

Starting At


Service Type

One-Time Local SEO Booster

What's Included?

Fixing, verifying, and creating new online citations (Name, Address, Phone citations) in local and industry-related directories, setup proper sitemaps (XML and HTML), ensure SSL (HTTPS) is active and functioning properly, ensure page caching is functioning properly, claim and optimize Google My Business listing, etc

How Does It Help You?

Get an SEO boost for targeted local keywords matching the services / products that you offer to help reach more local customers through organic search and the "map pack" on Google search results pages


SEO Boost

Starting At

$397 / Mo

Service Type

Monthly SEO & Content Booster

What's Included

Everything included in the One-Time local SEO package, plus ongoing monthly SEO work to help boost your website rankings and traffic even further. Ongoing SEO work includes keyword targeted blog articles, keyword targeted local landing pages, target keyword rank tracking and re-optimization / re-targeting as needed

How Does It Help You?

Add to your one-time SEO boost by building up your rankings and traffic over-time by continue to target new keywords in your local marketplace and service area month-after-month



Starting At

$197 / Mo

Service Type

Reputation Management & Reviews

What's Included

Great rankings on Google, your social media (like Facebook), and other directory sites (like Yelp) are crucial to great local SEO and really generating local traffic that converts. We can help you increase your rankings through targeted campaigns plus track and monitor your reviews as they are posted online

How Does It Help You?

Grow your base of reviews, plus increase your overall star-rating on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp to increase your local SEO rankings and help persuade more customers to choose you

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