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Let’s improve your online performance by increasing your Google search rankings, driving more traffic to your site and your local store front – and track the results so we can see what is working right for you!


We will work together to develop a powerful SEO plan based on your target market, online competitors, and current SEO status.


I will take the SEO plan that we developed and implement it (both on-page and off-page strategies) to start creating results.


I will be tracking your SEO results month-over-month to make sure our strategy is working, or to make changes if they are needed.

Binghamton SEO Results

Some great Binghamton search engine optimization results to demonstrate my SEO work and results

Binghamton SEO | Paternoster Solar #1/#2

Client: Paternoster Solar
Keyword: solar thermal design consulting
Ranking: #1 / #2

Binghamton SEO | Xorca #1/#2

Client: Xorca
Keyword: cloud computing ithaca ny
Ranking: #1 / #2

Binghamton Search Engine Optimization | 607WebSolutions #1

Client: Myself
Keyword: binghamton internet marketing
Ranking: #1

In Fact…

you might have found me through my SEO work if you searched for “binghamton seo” and saw this page as the #1 result!

Search Engine Optimization Binghamton NY | 607WebSolutions #1


If you have questions about search engine optimization, I have answers that will help get the information you need

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially the work done on and off a website to help rank that site higher in search engines (like Google) for the search terms that potential customers use when trying to find a service / product provider.

How long does it take for SEO to work?

If you are targeting relatively easy (low-competition keywords) your SEO efforts can have results within just 1 - 2 months. However, most keywords with competition will take 6+ months to start showing real results.

Why SEO matters?

The overwhelming majority of people who are looking for a product or a service begin their research with a search online - and roughly 75% of those searches are done on Google.

How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO on a monthly basis can vary due to a number of factors. Typically, the costs can run between $500 - $7000 / month based on how competitive your market is, how many hours you want to have spent on your SEO each month, and the results that you expect.

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